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Entrepreneur of the week is a program which captures interesting business stories of Nagarathar entrepreneurs across the world, in order to inspire other Nagarathars to move in to the world of entrepreneurship and motivate them to reach greater heights. The details of the challenges faced, success achieved and a message for the young entrepreneurs are narrated along with personal details.

The objective of EOTW is to cover the stories of:

  • First generation entrepreneurs
  • Second or third generation entrepreneurs who have ventured into diverse business areas
  • Business persons, who brought innovation in manufacturing, design, retail, Services etc.
  • The First mover in the industry/region/country
  • New technology break-through, market leader position / Major market share, etc.
  • Rags to Richesstories, growth in terms of size from small scale to large scale
  • Achigal entrepreneurs

This is in continuation of the EOTW initiative begun by NEU-IBCN 2015 team, Coimbatore.

The articles, apart from being published on our website, will also be posted in our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/IBCN2017/ and also emailed to about 10,000+ Nagarathars. Shorter version of the Interview is Published in “Aachi Vanthachiu” magazine.

If you wish yourself to be covered or refer known nagarathar entrepreneurs, please fill the enclosed form & forward to eotw@ibcn2017.org

Click here to download the form

Please share your thoughts & comments to: : feedback-eotw@ibcn2017.org

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