”International business conference of Nagarathars”- 2017 –An Introduction

On an auspicious day, joining in hands with a thunderous vibration, along with our ambitious and faith based Nagarathar community; here comes another milestone with a new dawn of light.

The outset of this inception was held in Chennai on the 24th of April, 2016.

In sequel to the seed which was sowed to congregate as our Nagarathar common gathering, later on took diversion in the development that would be deprived of vigor in trying to restore power to our business crunch in Malaysia on 2007.Later on the seed germinated in Singapore during 2013 and sprouted at Coimbatore during 2015.Thus the evolution of this process is next put in our hands, to the members of NBIG (Nagarathar Business Initiative Group) from the U.A.E. This nurturing of the sapling is conducted in the city of Dubai. An inauguration to this marvelous event was conducted in Chennai at the GRT convention center. On that wonderful day the pro-arms came close and gave a glowing spot light on the range. This occasion was designed in a way that the IBCN, which is to be conducted in Dubai on the 14, 15 and 16th of April, 2017 will give a synopsis of the happenings and the purpose of the conference.

The delegates of the conference, where provided with the where-about of the conference and an initial registration for the people willing to be a part of the conference was conducted.

The sequence of the occasion started with Dr.Sivaraman, Vice-President IBCN’17 giving a wonderful welcome speech followed by an inspiring talk by Dr.Kamalakannan, Recipient of “The Best Business Planner Award “in the IBCN2015 held at Coimbatore. He explained how the previous conferences insisted in the development of business in our community by sharing his experiences, of how he reaped the benefit with the help of the previous conference. He gave a ray of hope to all budding entrepreneurs. This aided a good understanding among the delegates

The consecutive speeches were given by:

Secretary of IBCN 2013 -Mr. S. Arunachalam,

President of IBCN 2015- Mr. PLK. Palaniappan and

The President of IBCN 2017- Mr. AN. Chokalingam.

All three of them shared their valuable thoughts about the conference.

An unedited picture of the entire IBCN and NBIG was given in a platter trough a power point

presentation. This gave a crystal clear image to the delegates about the functioning of the latter.

IBCN 2013- The goal of this conference was to act as a triggering force to all the aspiring entrepreneurs.

IBCN 2015-The goal of this conference was to encourage and boost up confidence in our hearts.

IBCN 2017-The goal of this conference would be the detailed explanation on the four pillars of strength that would execute all our business plans. The four steps that would take us to the dice embedded with these four pillars would be:

  • Know How i.e. Knowledge sharing
  • Family support in business
  • Funding guidance/ assistance
  • Net working.

A brief explanation of all the four pillars was clearly explained through a power point

The nine gospel rules of highly successful people

The grand initiating ceremony was culminated by the energetic talk by the chairperson of the AMM group, Mr. A. Vellayan. He gave 9 guide lines based on which any employee can become an employer. Those golden rules are as follows:

1) Bring your plans into action as soon as possible.

2) To come out of safe zone and be adventures and bold enough to explore new challenges.

3) Taking decisions based on numbers.

4) Loving the accepted profession, before the cessation of its objective is fulfilled.

5) Make every move and breathe of life, resulting in speech and thinking about career.

6) If a rule is to be broken unreservedly, it is appropriate to allow violations for a good cause and to reap a good benefit we must take it forward.

7) To have the mental state to accept credit risk

8) At all the phases of the company development there must be availability of short and long term period goals.

9) As per the spell of the great Tamil poet-Tiruvalluvar, without any delusion we must take forward out business thoughts without getting into the boring cage and in respect to time we must complete the work immediately.

IBCN 2017’s website (www.ibcn2017.org) was introduced by a video with some special guests who took part in the ceremony.

Secretary and Joint Secretary of IBCN 2017 Mr. Ramesh Ramanathan and Mr. Annamalai

(ammas) operated in conjunction with the explanation of step by step growth of the 2017 IBCN events, in a year’s time to the Conference delegates.

Following with a speech by Mr. Emirates Palaniappan of IBCN 2017, the delegates were cleared with their FAQ’s like how to attend the event and how to register with the various cost levels. He also added on, that the delegate registration will start right there, for the convenient of the delegates.

Finally the grand function came to an end with the Treasurer Mr. P. Ganesh IBCN 2017, thanking all the delegates who participated in the ceremony for their enormous support for the upcoming endure.

Encouraging Tidd-Bits

  • This number of delegates who attended the event was over 300 people, and some around 400 watched the event live through the Internet. This initial start with such a good number of delegates was very encouraging and exiting. Many featured in our community came from abroad which is very much commendable.
  • With the entire plan of accommodating 600 delegates in the grandeur event that is about to take place in the month of April-2017, 150 delegates registered on the spot at the Chennai event which was the icing on the cake.
  • IBCN 2017 Chairman’s Mr. Cokkalingam received many applications, on the day of the ceremony. Where-in several Nagarathar community from various parts of the world shared great interest to hold assemblies of the forth coming 2019, 2021 and 2023 IBCN sessions. All these events proved that we are moving in the right direction and confidently we will certainly hit the target at the right time.

In an elegant Tamil, the Master of Ceremonies (MC) was taken a height by Devakottai Ramathan’s high sense of presence of time which was very obvious throughout the function.

The entire video can be viewed with all the convenience through “www.n-big.com” site.

For the registration of the delegates of IBCN 2017, “www.ibcn2017.org” site would assist to register as a delegate from the web site.

Join hands….Lets Nurture the sapling of IBCN in the city of Dubai, for the growth and upbringing of our community.

All your well wishes are indeed mandatory.

As the famous saying goes, "With rising flood, the rising lotus flower along with its stem unwinds," which denotes the dignity of a person is measured by their minds.

Similarly, the height and success of our efforts will depend on the level of enthusiasm that we will be giving to our budding entrepreneurs.


Gather strength;

To be an Entrepreneur!

To see ourselves in a prosperous tomorrow!