IBCN 2017, in its efforts to reignite and promote Entrepreneurship amongst Nagarathars, has been launching many initiatives in line with its theme of "Empowering Entrepreneurship".

One of such initiatives is "Entrepreneur Awards" program.

IBCN 2017 is proud to launch this program and invites aspiring Nagarathar Entrepreneurs to participate in the program and send in their nomination and avail the opportunity of being "A proud Winner of prestigious IBCN 2017 Award".

IBCN 2017 strongly believe that the best way to inspire and bring back the glory of "Entrepreneurship" among our people is to recognize those who are already there being successful and the best in the Industry. IBCN is the best suited platform to showcase the best entrepreneur talent in our people. Everyone who are already there in Entrepreneurial path should seize this opportunity and contribute to the growth of entrepreneurship in our community.

Awards Category:

  • Challenging Entrepreneur (Around Nagarathar villages in Tamilnadu)

  • Cottage Industry Entrepreneur.

  • Family Business Entrepreneur.

  • Global Entrepreneur.

  • Innovation Entrepreneur.

  • Middle East Entrepreneur.

  • Small Business Entrepreneur.

  • Social Entrepreneur.

  • Startup Entrepreneur.

  • Women Entrepreneur.

  • Young Entrepreneur.

Award Entry Process

  • Click Here to Download the entry form.
  • Fill in the form, scan and mail to awards@ibcn2017.org
  • One common entry form for all categories. The category of awards for which the nomination is best suitable will be decided by the jury.
  • The award entry form can be filled by the entrepreneur himself or by any Nagarathar who wish to nominate other Nagarathar entrepreneur/s with their consent.
  • The entry form will be scrutinized by the IBCN awards committee and the eligible applications will be forwarded to Jury. The Jury consisting of prominent business entrepreneur from Middle East will decide and select the award winners.
  • The winners will be announced in the award ceremony at the Desert Dinner.
Entrepreneur awards selection process and timeline
Submission of Entries 20.03.2017
Announcement of shortlisted candidates 25.03.2017
Selection of finalists and communication of the same 05.04.2017
Final round with members of jury 10.04.2017 to 12.04.2017


A Nagarathar-Owner/part –Owner of a business in UAE or abroad