As an Employee:

  • To reignite entrepreneurial dreams/Goals.
  • To get the correct perspective of Business Risks and learn to manage them for success.
  • Get the necessary know-how to sustain & succeed in Entrepreneurial journey
  • To get the confidence required to convert your best ideas and talent into establishing a successful business venture.

As a Member of Family Business:

  • Get inspired and to transform your existing family business into new age era and scalable business.
  • Get equipped to decision making, process issues, and a correct perspective on family members’ role to make them the business strength.

As an Existing Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner:

  • Get inspired to scale your business to the next quantum.
  • Get motivated and learn from other successful Entrepreneurs
  • Understand challenges that are unique to start-ups and small businesses & learn meet those challenges through Networking.
  • Network with business counterparts to bring greater success through partnership/JV/cross selling etc.

As a Student:

  • To get a new perspective in career and understand as to why to choose Entrepreneurship as career.
  • To get a life changing thinking/perspective through the learning and the understanding this event would provide.
  • It brings the value & experience that a college or school may not teach/provide.
  • To meet talented people & exchange ideas to firm up your future in a more meaningful manner.