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About Business Plan Competition

The IBCN 2017 – Business Plan Competition (IBCN-BPC) – Youth Category is a unique community level start up competition for young Nagarathars below the age of 24. It is hosted by NBIG (Nagarathar Business Initiative Group) as part of IBCN 2017 – Dubai event.

The Goal of the IBCN-BPC is to provide the best overall educational and entrepreneurial experience of any business plan/new venture. The competition is designed to give young entrepreneurs below the age of 24, a real-world experience to fine tune their ideas and business plans. The competition would provide a platform to move from an idea to a fundable business proposition and help them through the thought process of commercialising their product. We intend to provide an unparalleled experience for the participants by designing a competition with significant time allocated for feedback and interaction with the judging panel and other successful industry mentors.

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Why participate in IBCN 2017 Business Plan Competition?

  • The top 3 teams will pitch their plan in front of leading Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, Industrialists & other investors’ community to fund your venture.
  • Connect and get mentored and receive Feedback by seasoned Entrepreneurs and experienced industry professionals within our community.
  • Networking opportunities with successful world class Entrepreneurs.
  • Rich feedback on the business model from successful Entrepreneurs, investors, and professional service providers on our judging panel, to take your venture to the point of “success”.
  • A Prize Money.

Eligibility & Guidelines

The IBCN 2017 – Business Plan competition will be run in 2 categories:

  • Youth Category
  • General Category

Youth Category

  • Any Nagarathar aged up to 24* across the world, can participate in the youth category. All you need is an innovative business idea and passion to succeed.
  • You can participate as an Individual or as a Team. There has to be at least one Nagarathar in the team. Maximum team size to be restricted to three (3) & all members should be below 24 years

(*As of 31st Dec 2016)

Time Lines


  • IBCN-Business Plan Registration ————– Sep 2016.
  • Last date for registration for competition       Feb 18th, 2017.

First Round:

  • The submission of an Executive Summary ————– February 18th, 2017.
  • Teams will have the opportunity to submit a Business Overview.
  • Shortlisted teams will move to the second round.

Second Round:

  • Submission of Detailed Business Plan ———— 28thFebruary 2017.
  • The top three teams selected by the judges will advance to the Investor Road show round during the IBCN 2017 conference in Dubai between 14th April 2017 until 16th April 2017.

Final Presentation Round:

  • Shortlisted teams will present before panel of judges from —— To be Confirmed.
  • Top 3 teams selected by the judges will advance to be Investor Road Show round during the IBCN 2017 conference in Dubai between 14th April 2017 until 16th April 2017

Investor Roadshow Round:

  • Top 3 teams will be given opportunity to exhibit their plans in the IBCN 2017 in Dubai.
  • Will participate in the Investment Roadshow round before angel investors, mentors, fellow entrepreneurs on pre-conference day or first day of the conference.

Judging Criteria

  • All Entries will firstly be judged by a panel of distinguished professionals from the venture capital, business, Banking and Academic communities, each of whom will have expertise in the various segments represented. Thereafter, the shortlisted three candidates would be presenting their business plans to angel investors and other industry veterans. Results will be based on the assessment by the investor community at the conference and panel of judges, the final winner will be chosen.

Registration & Submission Guidelines:

  • Fill out the Applicant Registration Form. Click here to download.
  • Email the Registration form to before 30th January 2017.
  • You will receive an acknowledgement with your registration number to be quoted in all your future correspondences.
  • Submit an Executive summary, Click here to download the guideline. We Will Accept Your Entries Until 11:59 p.m. IST, Jan 31st 2017.
  • Email your Executive summary to quoting your registration number.