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About Poster Making Competition

Organized by NBIG:

NBIG (Nagarathar Business Initiative Group) of the U.A.E is organizing a global competition for IBCN 2017 to empower youth on the Entrepreneurial path.

Vision Behind the Youth Competitions:

Youth are the leaders of tomorrow who would carry forward the mantle of leadership in reviving and taking forward Entrepreneurship among Nagarathar to new heights in the coming decades.


This competition is to effectively communicate a concept on Entrepreneurship, its opportunities or challenges through a Poster.

While an idea or concept can be communicated through a seminar or presentation, the poster making takes a different approach and makes it all more interesting. Poster making and presentation adds color and life to the ambiance of an expo or conference by allowing different posters be presented to different groups of people at the same time and the audience get to know the concepts in a leisurely stroll and also have their queries answered.


  • Nagarathar youths are eligible to participate as individuals (not as a team)
  • Age Limit is up to 25 years (proof of age needs to be submitted)


  • Posters should measure 3 feet x 4 feet (can be portrait or landscape.)
  • Themes in which poster can be drafted:
    • Annals of “Kittangis”
    • Effects of IBCN since its inception
    • Impact or analysis of EOTW (Entrepreneur Of The Week – success stories published by IBCN)
    • Business strategies to expand a business
    • Past-Present-Future of Nagarathar entrepreneurship
    • Challenges faced by Women entrepreneurs / in family business / in business succession
    • Social challenges faced by entrepreneurs
    • SWOT Analysis (S-Strength; W-Weakness; O-Opportunity; T-Threat) on specific business.
    • “Philanthropic Effect” of entrepreneurship among Nagarathar
    • “Caste & Capitalism” by David Ruther and similar books
    • Any topic related to Entrepreneurship among Nagarathar, past or present
  • Participants must send a video clipping of 3 to 5 minutes by displaying the Poster, stand beside the same and explain it. Smart phones can be used.

  • Posters can be handmade or made on Computer.

  • Twenty selected posters will be displayed in the IBCN 2017. Candidates are encouraged to participate in the event, to have a one to one interaction with the panel of judges. For those who could not travel, NBIG will make arrangements to present the posters online.

  • Interested candidates can present up to three entries.


A panel of judges will evaluate the submissions and their verdict will be final. Evaluation will be based on the following:

  • Accuracy of information
  • Posters must be of original design and creation of the candidate
  • Clarity of the concept, demonstration of important relationships and patterns, obvious conclusions, and ability to stand alone, even without the explanatory paragraph
  • A title in context of the content must be given for the poster which will carry a score
  • Posters must be creative & rich in information and supported by graphics, statistics, chronology, images, etc. as appropriate

Registration for participation can be done online at Youth Competition

Last Date for Registration – 31st Oct 2016

Last date for Submission of the poster – 31st Jan 2017



Mentors can provide guidance and encouragement, suggest actions for achieving the goals, provide reference to resources and make recommendations to resource persons where their support is needed. Participants can request their assistance through mail and/or phone by placing their request with details of requirement to


First Prize – Worth Rs. 15,000/- + Plus winner will be sponsored by NBIG for attending the IBCN 2017 conference

Second Prize – Worth Rs. 10,000/-

Third Prize – Worth Rs. 5,000/-

For any further queries visit IBCN 2017 website

We are as excited as you, who have enrolled the competition. We are waiting to see you all soon!!!